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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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Car Volga Siber

Volga Siber - Russian passenger car with a body type sedan middle class (segment D).
Presented by the Russian company «Group GAZ» at the exhibition «Interauto-2007» in Moscow on 29 August 2007 as the GAZ Siber. In the future the trade name of the model has been changed on the Volga Siber.

The sedan was created on the licensing front-drive platform Chrysler JR41, Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus second generation; in the production of cars went up in 2001. Design by well-known British Studio UltraMotive, while there was a purpose to make the maximum use of the existing American and experience to give the Russian version of the car features of classical cars from Nizhniy Novgorod.
Externally from American cars donor Volga Siber is different bumpers, design grille and the lighting industry. The car adapted to operating in the Russian conditions, in particular, increased the stiffness of the suspension and increased ground clearance, improved manageability, fasteners used only with the metric, not inch, carving. Of the obvious shortcomings of the design in the Russian conditions it is possible to allocate the small clearance - it is only 140 mm.
The model was planned for release in two versions: Comfort (c engines 2.0 and 2.4) and Lux (engine 2.4). There were also plans to install 2.7-liter V6. However, in the mass production went up only 2.4-liter version with four-automatic transmission (a / t). Since the beginning of April 2010 year the version of the Volga Siber with 2.4-liter engine and five-speed manual gearbox, NV-T350 the production of New Venture Gear. According to the information of the manufacturer, such a modification was created in accordance with the wishes of potential buyers. To work with MT engine sedan improved - in particular, increased torque at low engine speeds.
As a result of basic complete set of Volga Siber was performing the Comfort with four-cylinder engine capacity of 2,429 L. valve mechanism DOHC (143 HP., 210 N•m) and a five-speed manual transmission.

Оn March 28, 2008 there was held a start of production of the experimental-industrial batch of passenger car Siber. July 25, 2008, started the production of Volga Siber. 29 August 2008, the GAS started the shipment of Volga Siber largest corporate customers, government agencies, law enforcement agencies and Sberbank of Russia. on October 1, 2008 started retail sales of Volga Siber individuals.
For the production of the Siber was equipped with a new technological line. The plant uses the quality control system of Assembly, a similar set at Chrysler plants. All the workers have been trained abroad.Primary localization were subjected to the lights (front, rear), bumper (front, rear), instrument panel, sealing elements, door handles, the seats, the panel of the interior. The use of Russian parts intended only when the corresponding volumes of the Assembly, as well as a comparable level or higher quality components against foreign analogues. Limit level of localization was determined at the level of 50 percent. Most of the other components, including, cold-rolled steel for the body welding and power units of production of the company Chrysler LLC, were delivered from the USA
initially, it was planned that in 2008 will be issued 10,000 cars Volga Siber, and in 2009-m - 45 000. In the longer term, the annual production of Volga Siber was planned in the amount of 65 000 cars, with the design capacity of the plant - 100 000 vehicles, which was supposed to be achieved through the development of SKD Assembly of automobiles more fuel efficient classes.
Adjusted because of the outbreak of the crisis plan was to issue in 2008-m, only 3 000 cars, and in 2009-m - 10 000. In fact, in 2008-m were produced 1717 «Сайберов», and sold a total of 428 machines. A revised plan for the year 2009 amounted to 8 000 cars (in the volume of the purchased in the United States batch of Assembly sets). As reported on March 2, 2009, the newspaper Kommersant production of Volga Siber was to be phased out in 2010 as unprofitable. However, already on March 3, the management of «GAZ Group» has acted with an official refutation of the information. Nevertheless, the production of Volga Siber was stopped in March 2009 (in the first quarter according to the data of «ASM-holding» was only 187 units). In June production of the Volga Siber was resumed in connection with the performance of the state order. On data of «ASM-holding» for the first 6 months of 2009 was 445 «Сайберов».
At the end of 2009 the plant has completed the implementation of two contracts for the supply of 188 cars Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and 256 Dobson units. - EMERCOM of Russia. In addition, at the end of 2009 commodity cars «Сайбер» there were in the dealer representative offices in Nizhniy Novgorod and other cities. In fact in the year of 2009 was produced only 2151 «Сайбер», and sold 2780 machines.
In January - June 2010, the GAS planned to produce 2.5 thousand cars Volga Siber. In the second quarter of 2010, the production of «Сайбера» again was suspended because of problems with the supply of the components. On May 25, 2010 «GAZ Group» announced the resumption of production of the model Volga Siber. Production plans for the first half of 2010, changed were not. The actual production of «Сайберов» for 6 months of 2010, according to the data of «ASM-holding» was 1333 machine, for 9 months - 4015 units, and for 12 months - 5065 units.In July 2010, the administration of Gas has announced plans to issue in 2010 5.1 thousand. «Siber» in connection with growth of demand for the utilization program.
On September 10, 2010 «GAZ Group» has announced the launch of its own program of recycling of cars, providing a discount in the amount of 70 thousand rubles for the car Volga Siber. She could be added to a discount on the state program of recycling of cars, which makes 50 thousand rubles. Get a discount on the program can be had in exchange for any machine, regardless of its year of release and the masses, as well as from the period of ownership. In addition, the program ran for both natural and legal persons from any region of Russia. The recycling program was in force until December 31, 2010.
According to the President of the «Group GAZ» BU Anderson, production of Volga Siber was terminated on 31 October 2010 because of too low demand and unpredictability of production of this model for AZ GAS.
In fact, in 2010 was made 5065 «Сайберов», and sold 5490 machines. Thus, the total volume of the issue of Volga Siber on data of «ASM-holding» in 2008-2010 was 8933 units.
The unsold Volga Siber is used in the project company «Basel». Since March 1, 2011, the company launched a project taxi «Cuban-Express», which specializes in transfer traffic at the airports of Krasnodar region. Park of the Krasnodar service of the airport taxi amounted to 60 cars Volga Siber. From June 1, 2011 work airport taxi runs in the airports of Gelendzhik and Anapa. In each of these airports will appear on the order of 10 cars, and then this number will be adjusted to meet the needs of passengers.

Complete set
The value of the Volga Siber with a manual transmission on April 1, 2010 amounted to 496200 rubles (approximately 20,000 rubles less than the cost of equipment with automatic transaxle).
In the basic equipment package Comfort include: galvanized body, air-conditioning, two airbags Next Generation, multi-stage filling of gas, abs, traction «Traction control», halogen headlamps with delayed shutdown and level control, power steering, adjustable to the angle of the steering wheel, turn actuators seat cushion driver (6 directions; the backrest and lumbar emphasis have a manual adjustment) and all types of glass (with the system of «One Touch» only for the driver), audio system with CD-receiver, 6 speakers and amplifier, heated and folding mirrors electrically adjustable, mirrors with automatic dimming, illuminated mirrors in противосолнечныхкозырьках, Central locking, full-size spare wheel.
Standard equipment performance Lux in addition to the base: leather interior with фальшдеревянными decorative panels, seat adjustments driver in 10 directions and heated front seats, lighting replacement of rear passengers, alloy wheels, washers front headlamps and front fog lights. The price of cars bundling Lux was 530000 rubles.The car was offered in one of the five variants of coloring (all of «Metallic»): Golden Las Vegas Gold; black Hollywood Black; dark blue Chicago Blue and silver Alaska Silver, white «Arctic White».
Since 2009, the Volga Siber was to get the engine of the 2-litre capacity of 141 HP and mechanical cat, but such equipment in production has not been developed.
The warranty on the car is three years or 100 000 km of run. Specializing in it a HUNDRED are not available, however, maintenance of cars «Siber» is performed on a HUNDRED, specializing in the other models of GAS, and also engaged in repair of American cars.
Sale of Volga Siber was engaged in 121 dealer center in 79 cities of the Russian Federation.

Technical characteristics of the Volga Siber 2.0
Overall dimensions of the Volga Siber:
- Length - 4858 mm
- Width - 1792 mm
- Height - 1409 mm
- Wheelbase - 2743 mm
- Track front/rear - 1528/1528 mm
- Clearance - 140 mm
The Engine Volga Siber:
- Working volume - 1996 CC
- The number and location of the cylinder 4 cylinder, row
- Bore x stroke - 87.5 x 83 mm
- The number of valves in the engine - 16
- Power - 141 HP at 5700 rpm
- Maximum torque - 188 Nm at 4350 rpm
Transmission Volga Siber:
- 5-MT
- A front-wheel drive
Brake Volga Siber:
- Front - ventilated Disc
- Rear - Disk -
Fuel consumption Volga Siber:
- Urban cycle - 10.4 l/100km
- Extra-urban cycle - 5.7 l/100 km
- Combined - 7.5 l/100 km
- Type of fuel AI-95
- Fuel tank capacity - 61-litre 

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