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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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The car GAS-311055 «Volga»

Passenger длиннобазовый car GAS-311055 «Volga», developed by the experts of OJSC «GAZ», is a рестайлинговый version of the model GAZ-31105.
To who is important size in the Russian auto, I think, appreciate GAS 311055, as you can guess this modification, 31105 which were presented at MIMS 2005.
The main difference from the familiar to us „Volga"this is a long wheelbase to 300 mm, as well as increased the door. In the end, the length of the car is 5260мм. Under the hood of any changes, petrol ZMZ-4062.10 with the working volume of 2.3L (131 PS). in pair with 5ст. The mechanics of disperse „a long barge"reaching 100 km/h in 14.5с. The same way under the hood can be the engine Chrysler 2.4 L DOHC and especially for the шикующих engine Toyota2.4 l of 150 HP and the machine. The suspension and brakes are similar to those that apply in 31105.
A car "Volga" GAZ-311055 with a lengthened wheelbase is a new modification of the GAS-31105 and is intended for use as an official representative of the vehicle, as well as the VIP-a taxi. The car is created on the basis of units and units of the car of the mass production of "Volga" GAZ-31105, well recommended itself in the Russian conditions of operation. Extending to 300 mm wheelbase and, accordingly, the length of an entire car, fully utilized to increase the space of the interior and, basically, is intended for comfortable accommodation of passengers, but also allows you to freely be located and the leading members of the crew. The increase in doorways to 150 mm to the front and rear doors greatly increased the ease of entry and exit from the vehicle interior. All of this gave the opportunity to obtain the parameters of the characteristic of representative cars.
When it comes to the domestic car industry, skeptics, not without malice rubbing his hands, awaiting news of bankruptcy. But there it was. AVTOVAZ has launched the sale of «Prior». The Gorky automobile plant was marked by the «Volga» with a new interior. Sale of the machine starts under the slogan Designed in Germany. And in this there is no deception. Indeed, the novelty appeared in the light, not without the participation of German partners - design Bureau EDAG and Hermann Raceme. The services of these companies are in BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen.
The main forces were thrown on the improvement of ergonomics. The old instrument panel gave way to a more modern combination with grey-blue backlight. Used materials such as plastic and upholstery fabric, became better, more pleasant to the touch. Changed colors. Replaced by the steering wheel, which is now regulated by the corner and take-offs. In addition, it appeared control buttons radio. Also updated the «Volga» can boast of the head unit renowned brand Blаupunkt integrated in the centre console.
The new «Volga» is offered in nine sets. Provides the version with air-conditioning. The mirrors are equipped with an electromechanical drive. But on the driver's door is installed control unit all four Windows.
The front seats have given way to a more comfortable seats with a large number of settings. However, using them is difficult. The Adjuster is located near the center tunnel and the greater part of them overlap.
Appeared in the cabin of two pull-out Cup holders. However, their design seems flimsy. Deserve praise additional boxes and containers for small things.
Visually distinguish updated «Volga» from the previous generation can be on the radiator grille and the rear optics.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions, mm - 5260x1800x1422
The body - sedan
Engine - L4, petrol
working volume of 2.46 l
location - left
power, HP/kW / 147 / 213 - 5200 rpm
Gearbox manual 5-speed
front - independent, spring
the rear axle, the longitudinal springs
the drive wheels, rear
Brake - hydraulic, with the hydro vacuum amplifier
front - disk type
the rear drum - type
Electrical Equipment - 12 In
Tire size - 195 / 65 R15
Maximum speed, km/h : 178 

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