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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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The car GAZ-3111 «Volga»

Volga GAZ-3111 - Russian passenger car business-class segment (E2 according to the European classification), produced experimentally in 1998-2004 the Gorky automobile plant.
«Volga» has always been a symbol of dignity and prestige. Fully corresponds to the existing years the image of the model and a new sedan of Nizhniy Novgorod - GAS 3111. The car is intended to become the most modern and technically perfect car of the Gorky automobile plant, to establish new quality standards for the Russian car business class.
Style of the new Volga resembles the classical model of the 50-ies - GAZ 21: convex rear wings, the gentle profile of the trunk, chrome bumpers, stylish headlights and taillights, a massive radiator grille. Inside the new Volga became even larger due to the increase in the length of the passenger compartment on 12 cm. Comfortable chairs are designed together with the specialists of the well-known company Lear. The driver's seat is equipped with an adjustable angle cushion angle and adjustable waist. Steering column has both vertical and longitudinal adjustment. The list of standard equipment includes power Windows, electric adjustment and heating system exterior mirrors, immobilizer, гидрокорректор headlights. The instrument panel will please the driver of the modern illumination and a chrome ring speedometer. The rear seats can be folded, facilitating the transportation of long goods.

The design of GAZ-3111
Body: 3111 looks very dynamic and at the same time a solid car. Curving lines provide a good streamlined convex forms doors conceal powerful protection from side impacts. Front, teardrop-shaped, with the lamp in the form of a spotlight, with the lens and beam, in which the beam is generated by a reflector (the most modern solution), have the transparent canopy without a lens. A different concept of the tail lights: under the lens, reminiscent in form lantern 21st, located nine LEDs.
Suspension: Absolutely new nodes, in addition to the body, on the GAZ - 3111 are the front suspension and steering with hydraulic booster. Two separated by a large distance cross-arm with the buffer bar (type «Mac-Ферсон»), based on the lower lever. To facilitate the Assembly and increasing the accuracy of the lower suspension arms, rack and pinion steering and support of the power unit are attached to подрамнику, as in most modern cars. It will also reduce the transmission of vibrations to the body.
The designers have finally abandoned the ancient шкворневой front suspension. The new car front suspension is made on the double-wishbone, and springs with shock absorbers combined in a rack.To reduce transmitted to the body of the vibrations of the suspension and rack and pinion with power are installed on a separate stretcher. The rear suspension of the model remained dependent on неразрезным bridge and springs, which provides them with high durability in the toughest operating conditions. However, it received a stabilizer of transverse stability that will allow the vehicle to less tilts in the turns. On the front wheels applied ventilated disc brakes, rear left drum.
In подкапотном space of the new Volga is located 16-valve 2.5-litre power unit ZMZ-4052.10, equipped with two camshafts, and the fuel injection system, developed together with the company Bosch. He develops a power of 155 HP and torque of 216 Nm. The engine itself is assembled on a stretcher, which allowed to reduce considerably the level of transmitted-body vibration. Together with the company Bosch has developed and dual-channel anti-lock braking system, which is also included in the standard equipment of the machine.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions, mm - 4897x1840x 1472
The body - sedan
Engines, petrol, 4-stroke, in-line, direct injection
number of cylinders - 4
working volume - 2,464л
number of valves - 8
location - left
power, HP /kW - 100 (136) / 5200
Gearbox - a five-speed manual
front - Бесшкворневая, independent, on-wishbone
rear - Dependent, spring, with the stabilizer of cross stability
the drive wheels, rear
front - disk, ventilated
the rear drum - type
Electrical Equipment - 12 In
Tire size - 215/60R15
Maximum speed, km/h - 185

Statistics of production of GAS-3111
The production of GAZ-3111 in years:
2000 - 53 PCs.
2001-342 PCs.
2002 - 20 PCs. (the official termination of the small-scale production in August 2002)In the course of the production - 415 PCs.
2004 - 9 PCs. (informally collected 9 cars of the remaining bodies)
A total of approximately issued 424 PCs. Although there are cars, with the sequence number of the above-mentioned figures. The total number of about 500 cars.
However, there were more and предсерийные samples (up to 2000), which was collected before the release of the vehicle in a series. On them in the «УКЭР GAS» produced various tests. The exact number of issued units is not known.

Interesting facts
First the model sample-demonstrator of the GAZ-3111 was made изуглепластика in cooperation with the American company «Venture Industries» (which technological services for the production of components for Assembly of the first prototype) in August 1998. This sample was first presented to the public at the Moscow international automobile exhibition «Motor Show-98»
Complex press-stamps for mass production were made by the Russian firm Итеркос-IV - using the methods of CAD modeling;
All the decorative plastic parts of the outer and inner finishing for the first test batch of GAZ-3111 manufactured by the firm «Buran-Styling» of Chkalovsk, also known for his work in the field of automotive and industrial design - for example, experimental drawing vehicle UAZ-Buran on chassis ZIL-130 In with a diesel engine.
The majority of cars produced were in the various organizations, state structures, and administrations of cities.
One of the released GAZ-3111, modified Nizhniy Novgorod firm Techno service, traditionally focused on tuning of automobiles GAS, was the personal property of the ex-Governor of Samara region Constantine Titov. In contrast to the standard 3111 machine Titov was equipped with a V-shaped six-cylinder engine Toyota and an automatic transmission.
GAZ-3111 light-grey color with rooms O233OO69 belonged to a branch of Gazprom in the city. Tver. Also 3111 are located near several mayors in personal use. 

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