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Целебные свойства фейхоа
Целебные свойства фейхоа

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The car GAZ-A

GAS-A - passenger car of the middle class open 5-local 4-door body type Phaeton.
A licensed copy of car Ford-A, equipment and documentation for production of which were bought by the Soviet government in the United States in 1929, the Ford Motor Сомрапу.Первый Soviet passenger car of mass conveyor Assembly. Produced from 1932 to 1936 at the Gorky automobile plant and the 1933по 1935 at the Moscow plant of KIM. The first two cars were collected on December 8, 1932. All were released 41 917 machines.

The design of the car's frame, the frame of the two side members, corresponding transverse beams.
Clutch - single-disk, dry.
Gear box is three-stage, three-speed forward and one back.
The main transmission to the rear axle - a pair of bevel gears with spiral teeth. Final drive ratio - of 3.77.
Suspension and the front and rear axle - dependent, on the transverse springs, with a 4-dimensional hydraulic shock absorbers коловратного type of unilateral actions.
Bus - 5,50-19-inch wheels with three-row metal спицами.Тормоза drum, with mechanical drive. 
Parking brake - belt, to the rear axle.
Turning radius - 5,5 m

GAS-A the most mass Soviet passenger car model of the first half of the 1930s, was delivered mainly public authorities and in the Red army. GAZ-A was the most mass-staff vehicle of the red Army in the 1930-ies. Army modification was equipped with a short-wave military radio station «5АК».
GAZ-A was the most mass model of a taxi the first half of the 1930s. Was equipped with an external meter (to starboard) mechanical type with a check mark to «free-busy». The conclusion from operation of these machines began to be implemented after the GAZ-M1. But in Leningrad, for example, GAS-A exploited in a taxi to March 1, 1938, and only after the order of the Presidium of the Leningrad city Council were sent from the city to the periphery.
On the basis of GAS-A produced several types of ambulances with the original design of the body, including the lining roll.

Interesting facts:
Cars GAZ - A participated in the rally Moscow - Karakum-Moscow (1933) and successfully overcame more than 9.5 thousand km. In Leningrad, Moscow and operation of GAS-A was banned after 1936, but a small car owners were ordered to surrender the GAS-A the state and with surcharge buy a new GAZ-M1, this was done for reasons of obsolete GAS-A by 1936 and неблаговидности the appearance of the car of an old design in a large city.


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