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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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The car GAZ-3110 «Volga»

GAZ-3110 - Russian passenger car of a family of «Volga» the production of the Gorky automobile plant. GAZ-3110 produced serially с1997 of the year for 2005.
GAZ-3110 was a further upgrading of моделиГАЗ-31029 with the complete replacement of all exterior body panels, including the roof panel, but excluding the door and the front wings. In 1997 was limited «transition» series, комплектовавшаяся internal lining of doors, the front part of the body and wheels from the previous model. Initially the car was narrow bumpers from the black thermoplastic, since 2000, they have been replaced by large overhead fiberglass bumpers. The salon was completely renovated and was in a whole to meet the finishing standards of low-cost foreign cars.
The GAZ-3110 was nominally installed power steering, changed the steering gearbox (3,5 turnover steering, instead of 4.5 as the previous models, «Volga»), front disc brakes type Lucas, неразрезной rear axle, driveshaft with the intermediate support, more low-profile, 15-inch wheels 195/65, электрокорректор headlights, quite rare on passenger cars oil cooler, heated washer nozzles glass, dual-mode rear defroster. Since 2001, all of the «Volga» was painted on the new painting complex «Hayden-2». The new technology priming and painting allowed using two-component enamel «metallic» and together with the increase service life of the body. Since May 2002 the Volgas appeared front бесшкворневая suspension.
Since 2003, began production of the car GAZ-31105, which is a deep рестайлингом GAZ-3110, withdrawn from production in начале2005 year. Production of the car GAS-310221 with a body of universal lasted for small parties on a separate Assembly line, in parallel with the model of «GAZ-3102 «up to December 2008. Version station wagon with a «tail» in the style of the GAZ-31105 was produced under the order.
The recognized lack of early series GAZ-3110 «Volga» was poor build quality and the low resistance of the body to corrosion, subsequently improved, but the overall moral устарелость design of the car especially active and passive safety have reduced the demand for «Volga» to critical. However, due to a number of popular consumer qualities (good endurance and capacity in combination with a moderate price) the vehicle is fairly common on the territory of Russia, in particular, «Волгами» according to the tradition continued to recruit their own fleets many taxi companies. GAZ-3110 exported in a number of countries, in particular in pre-war Iraq.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions, mm - 4895x1800x 1422The body - sedan
Engine ZMZ-4062.10, Gasoline, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, in-line.
number of cylinders - 4
working volume - 2,287 l
number of valves - 16
location - left
power, HP /kW - 96 (131) / 5200
Gearbox - a five-speed manual
front - Independent, spring
rear - Dependent, spring, with shock absorbers
the drive wheels, rear
front - disk, ventilated
the rear drum - type
Electrical Equipment - 12 In
Tire size - 195/70R15
Maximum speed, km/h : 170

GAS-3110-446/ -447 - version of the taxi with the special coloring, the preparation for the taxi meter and the interior of легкомоющихся materials;
GAS-3110-600/ -601 - version with турбодизельными engines GAZ-560 and GAS-5601, manufactured under license Steyr. Differ reduced to 7.1 - 8.5 litres/100 km average consumption of diesel fuel, against the average consumption of 11.5 - 13.5 l/100km for petrol versions. Produced a limited (not more than 150-200 units per year); 
GAS-310221 - model with a 5-local (on the order of 7-local) 5-door body universal, unified with the saloon 3110 of a feather, propulsion and running gear; 
GAS-310223 - medical version of the wagon with the 4-door body for transportation of a patient on a stretcher and three members of the medical staff.

The modernization project
In 2002, it was planned to update the basic model GAZ-3110. «Volga» for the 2002 model year should be different new radiator grill, сегментованными headlights of head light and rear lights with round light segments, and also changed the handles of the doors (raised up, and not reversible) and outside mirrors from GAZ-3111. The engine was planned ZMZ-40621 with the Converter of the exhaust gases meets the environmental norms Euro-2. The algorithm of the wipers it was planned to introduce the regime of «adjustable pause». Also the machine it was planned to equip ABS company Bosch. In full of all the innovations in the series did not go, but part of them was introduced on the «Volga» model year 2003 GAZ-31105.Interesting facts
The car shot in the art of the 2004 film «the Bourne Supremacy». The scene of the chase through the streets of Moscow received in 2005, the world award in the field of tricks Taurus (eng. The Taurus World Stunt Awards) in the category «best car» (eng. Best Vehicle). Led the production of this car chase Russian stuntman, Viktor Ivanov. In order to film a scene, it took six cars.
The latest model of conveyor Assembly in the family of the «Volga» has become the medical station wagon GAS-310223, the final party that was made in December 2008, already after the termination of the mass assemblies sedans 31105 and 3102. 

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