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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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The car GAS-24-02 «Volga»

GAS-24-02 - Soviet passenger car of the second group of middle class with a cargo body type of a wagon. Was serially produced from 1972 to 1987, at the plant of GAS in the city of Gorky. Equipped with a five-door carrying a body with a 7-local трансформируемым center. Basic car - a car GAZ-24.

Development of the station wagon was conducted in parallel with the design of the car. The car was essentially different from the base sedan and had all of their automotive after-pillar (including the rear doors, which have received a rectangular frame glasses to increase the openings and to simplify loading through them of the cargo).
The car went into production in 1972 and was modernized similar to base saloon (but often with some delay). The car was produced until 1987, after which has been upgraded similarly to the basic model and has received the designation GAS-24-12. In 1985-87 he made the transition options that combine attributes of GAS-24-02 and GAS-24-12.

The unusual layout of the interior
Cargo compartment GAS-24-02 distinguished the sophisticated design and wide possibilities of transformation. The front seats were similar to the basic saloon, back - original, consisted of two separate seats, wider left and a right. Both can be folded (independently) to accommodate the additional load. In addition, in the car were a further two the third row seats, thus, the passenger capacity of the vehicle with all of the scattering of seats was 7 persons (2 front, 3 in the back seat, 2 the seats of the third of the series).
For the comfort of the seats of the two rear rows significantly inferior to the back seat of the car. Seats, excluding the driver, was carried out practical easily моющимсякожзамом. But in the folded rear seat rows, a spacious cargo compartment with a smooth floor (the spare tire and tools were located under the floor and are available through the hatch under the door).

Technical characteristics
Dimensions, mm - 4735x1820x1540
Base - 2800
Body - wagon seat
The engine ZMZ-24Д, gasoline, carburetor, in-line
number of cylinders - 4
working volume - 2445 cm3
number of valves - 8
location - left
power, HP/kW - 95/69,9 at 4500 rpm
Gearbox : manual, a four-step
front - independent, spring
rear - dependent, on the longitudinal springs
the drive wheels, rear
Brake - hydraulic, with the hydro vacuum amplifier, the drum
Electrical Equipment - 12 In
Tire size - 7.35-14
Maximum speed, km/h - 142

Basic modification
GAS-24-02 - basic cargo model with engine ZMZ-Д24 (2.45 l, 95 HP, petrol AI-93), trimmed seats from the leather, until 1977 between the front seats provided for removable cushion and folding armrest, which made the front row of seats in triple and increased the overall capacity of up to 8 people;
GAS-24-03 - ambulances for the transport of the sick on stretchers and two accompanying medical workers. Was equipped with engine ZMZ-Д24 (95 HP, petrol AI-93). The coloration in accordance with the state Standard: white main body color with a red longitudinal stripe along the sides and the Red Cross signs, lighting and audio devices (the«light» of the blue color of the roof and the siren). Medical salon separated from the cockpit by a partition with sliding window, the side Windows were met Matt, left rear door is locked, in the medical Bay provides accommodation guide for the stretcher and regular places for medical equipment;
GAZ-24-04 - the modification for work in a taxi, was equipped with дефорсированным engine ZMZ-2401 (85 HP., gasoline A-76), meter, special lighting system («green light» and since 1980 - orange light on the roof), painting with greenish-lemon or gray, and the emblems of the «checkers» on the front door;
GAS-24-77 - export version for the Benelux countries under the equipment of a diesel engine of Peugeot (later Ford). Was produced from 1976. 

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