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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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The car GAZ-31105 «Volga»

GAZ-31105 Volga - domestic passenger car, it was mass manufactured on an Assembly line from 2003 to 2009 at the Gorky automobile plant.
C 2009 is going to order manually in the factory Atelier GAS. In fact, the «105 " I» is an improved version of the GAZ-3110. Among the improvements: бесшкворневая suspension of the front wheels, the stabilizer of transverse stability suspension of the rear wheels, as well as advanced gearbox. Осовременен and the appearance of the vehicle instead of the angular front headlights are installed drop replaced by the radiator grille, front fenders, hood, and front bumper.
In 2005-2007 under the order was made version of «business-class» GAS 311055 with extended to 300 mm wheelbase and elongated to 150 mm doors.
Since the summer of 2006 on the «Volga» established the American motor DOНC 2.4L Daimler Chrysler capacity of 137 HP. Maximum speed increased to 178 km/h, acceleration to 100 km/h does not exceed 11.
Since June 2007, GAZ-31105 equips the new interior, designed with the participation of German design studios. Among the improvements of the model in 2007: adjustable steering column, the new instrument panel with integrated power frame, control panel электростеклоподъемниками and «joystick» adjustments exterior mirrors, new rear lights, modified radiator grille and etc. (on materials of the press-center of the GAZ Group). Since 2008, the «Volga» established engines upgraded to the requirements of Euro-3, including the Russian engine ZMZ-40525 the working volume of 2,464 l a capacity of 150 HP. It is equipped with a КМСУДМИКАС 11ЕТ with electronic pedal throttle.
A car «Volga» were delivered on export to the countries of the Middle East: Egypt, Syria and Iraq.
A car "Volga” is more than a car, it was a peculiar part of the whole layer of culture, are inextricably linked in the minds of Soviet and post-Soviet citizens with a certain mentality. The paradox, but Volga GAZ 3110 and Volga GAZ 31105, as our actual contemporaries, from its ancestor differ only slightly.
And the ancestor appeared in 1970, the Soviet automobile industry, it was then that the domestic motorists were proposed GAS 24 and VAZ 2101. However, Volzhsky automobile plant, in comparison with ГАЗ'ohms, over the past decades ahead «seven-League steps. » GAS away for almost forty years of issued car model, developed in the late 60-ies of XX century. Our heroes, GAZ 3110 (produced serially in 1997-2004 years) and it easily updated GAS 31105 (produced serially in the years 2004-2009) is a modernized version of the "great-grandchildren” of the legendary in our geographic coordinates of a GAS 24. And although in 2009 the serial production of passenger cars under the name of "Volga” stopped, for the most ardent fans, and today may be individual vehicle production in the old templates.The appearance of the "Volga” with decades has changed little. Car built in the classic representative canons of the 70-ies of the last century, in our days still recognizable. The boys, depicted in notebooks car, as the square outlines трехобъемник, have long grown up, and now their sons paint pads with суперкарами on the covers of the same simple forms, in which unerringly guessed familiar and native body.
All ingenious is simple, the designers at the time did not make a mistake with the concept of proportions and lines of the body of the car, it's so simple, that even today it is difficult to criticize or praise. From saving, whether because of a lack of technical resources or desire to keep the classics - about the reasons could be indefinitely, but time has no power over the Volga, from one model to another only slightly changed form of lighting, фальшрадиаторной grille, bumpers, configuration of the front fenders and hood.
Within the spirit of the time showed a little stronger: the salon got some reformation, particularly in the case of the latest model - GAZ 31105, and in particular the modification of 2007 year. Archaic control buttons, created for the fingers of the giants, неинформативный the steering wheel, the same gearbox, ancient seat and control panel - everything was updated and has received the if not the most modern but quite decent appearance and functionality. But the number of all upgrades even difficult to track and organize, in a study of the history of the model of the last decade there is such impression that each new release lever in the salon, the new bending headlamps or other «improvements» were marked by a new specification of the model.
Regarding the latest developments, not made the VolgaRiver, a new car, but at least added some of the internal gloss, the only question is - why this could not be done before? Why even with the simplest of these improvements had to pull up to 2007, foreseeing that in 2009 the car will be completely removed (due to inability to meet the necessary standards of ecology) with the production? The answer apparently lies in the extremely inefficient management and unthinking marketing, but this is, as they say, is another story.
By the way on the technical characteristics of GAS 3101/31105 Volga. Technical innovations touched Volga past generations also weak, as their visual style. Of serious new: ability to modify for GAZ 3110 with modern 2, 3-liter fuel-injected engine ZMZ to 150 horsepower (instead of 2.5 liter carburetor, 70 HP), and for GAS 31105 - 2.4-liter крайслеровским (marked the beginning of buying a platform for the Volga Saber) DOHC engine, with a capacity of 137 horsepower.In the exploitation of the latest models of the Volga river, as all previous ones, differ necessity of application of the serious physical effort to control the car (not only as a machine specially designed exclusively for the «real Russian men», that is, people of the strong and large body), dangerous неинформативным control with delay reactions, «пароходным» course with the same features to bends, «shipping» the same suspension (which for the passengers on our roads is not so bad, but leads to problems with handling), poor sound insulation (by reason of frankly square forms), недетским fuel consumption, rapidly decaying body (stable poor quality of metal), the need for frequent (replacement of oil on the domestic engines every 5 000 km), expensive cost of IT (for free of defective components will change only to the new factory, in practice, the same defective components). The list of «features» operation if you wish to continue for a long time. The General conclusion can be made one - desire to buy a big and the inexpensive (the most advanced of the new GAS 31105 - the price of up to 10 thousand F.), loyalty to the products of the post-Soviet (not dare to say the contemporary Russian) car industry, the costs of car owners Volga in considerable funds and large nerves.
Being a solid business machine in working time, GAZ-31105 in free time easily turns into a great family car, a big, comfortable, spacious and unpretentious. Soft suspension of GAS 31105 gives a pleasant feeling of spacious interior, very comfortable front seats with more pronounced lateral support is not allowing the driver to wear behind the wheel and contributes to the maintenance of tone and mood of passengers. Add to this the volume and convenient to download the trunk, a high degree of active and passive safety and you get a real family car.

Cargo-and-passenger version of the GAZ 31105
Combining the comfort of a sedan with increased capacity, cargo-and-passenger version of the GAZ-31105 especially for those who has the country plots of land, as well as those who prefer active rest and hits the road with an impressive amount of Luggage. He also suitable for use as a large taxi for delivery of passengers.
Cargo-and-passenger version of «Volga» GAZ-31105 is able to carry more than 400 kg is large enough for the size of the cargo. Luggage compartment has a capacity of 465 liters. And the folded rear seat and the boot-to-ceiling volume of cargo increased up to 1510 l! The floor in the Luggage compartment is steady. The distance from the back door to the front seat backrest is almost two meters. Here will fit everything you need, and even a little more. If necessary in the cargo area you can install additional seats. In this case, the number of seats in the car is increased to seven.Salon «Volga» GAZ 31105
Good ergonomics Volga GAZ 31105 gives the driver a calm and confidence. A lot of flattering feedback received modern safety пенозаполненная the instrument panel with easily readable combination, in which there are speedometer, tachometer, dial pointers oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel, and the block of the onboard control system. Those who have not managed to drive GAS-31105 will appreciate the new front seats with a low profile pillows, improved lateral support and capacity to adjust to the peculiarities of your figures. Leave a pleasant impression and the modern safety requirements have a soft rim of the steering wheel. New paddles headlights allow changing a light more gentle and precise movements.
In addition to the control panel heater and conveniently located switches fan heater, rear window defogger, fog lamp on the instrument panel also has a Central light switch and proofreader head lights; you can change the angle of inclination of the headlamp depending on the load of the car.
Convenient and elegant salon «Volga» GAZ-31105 creates a feeling of cosines and relaxation. There are a lot of places, so in the cabin of «Volga» is a person of any height and complexion will feel comfortable. Even when in the car five people, their accommodation does not cause discomfort. Traditionally renowned for its spacious cabin of the car now even more comfortable. Due to the new low profile of front seat cushions increased the usable space in the location of the front doors. The driver and front passenger sit in the car and come out of it has become more convenient.
A number of imperceptible at first sight, but very important improvements chassis GAZ 31105 significantly raise the bar of its technical level and easy to use machine.

«Volga» GAZ-31105 convenient to use.
The front suspension of GAS 31105 on ball bearings (бесшкворневая) is easier and more economical to maintain. High-quality reliable spherical bearings do not require lubrication during operation, and easy to replace in case of need. The transition to classical spherical bearings instead of the complex шкворневой system allowed refusing simple, but unpleasant procedure «шприцевания» front axle «Volga». Excluded also threaded control arm bushings, also demanded the lubrication and condition monitoring their seals and parameter adjustment. New сайлентблоки provide a significant reduction of the transmission of shocks from the side of the road on the body of the car when driving on uneven surfaces. The longevity of a new сайлентблоков upper and lower control arms more than doubled compared with the previous earlier. At the 20% increase in smooth motion.The second important improvement in the suspension of the wheels, but almost the first in importance from the point of view of controllability and stability of the car, is the introduction of a stabilizer of transverse stability in the suspension of the rear wheels. Besides the reduction of cross-rolls body when cornering, stabilizer works and how reactive linkage element, reducing excess longitudinal flexibility springs and dynamic longitudinal oscillations of the rear axle during acceleration, braking and moving the car across the road humps. Thus ensuring the accuracy of control of the vehicle when performing the maneuvers, particularly at high speeds. In real operation for normal driver this means additive speed confident maneuver up to 10 km/h on a dry road surface, the growth of average speed, reduced driver fatigue and increase driving comfort for the passengers.
Notable changes to the gear box. Among them is a fundamentally new design of the two-bell synchronizer and new hard fork inclusion gear with brass soda crackers, providing silent contact with a clutch switch. The force on the lever of the CPT with the inclusion of the first and second gear reduced to 40%to 50%. Due to application of high-quality ball bearings and tapered roller bearings significantly increased durability and bearing capacity of the gear box.
Technical characteristics of «Volga» GAZ-31105
Refers to the European size class E. In 1997, the «Volga» GAZ-3110, which came to replace GAS-31029. In 2003, carried out modernization of the chassis and restyling, after the model of appropriated index 31105. In 2007, the model was subjected to a small design development, updated interior.

Technical features
Available with one type of body sedan 4-door version with 5-local saloon. Drive to the rear wheels, transmissions, mechanical. Suspension front independent rear - axle, brakes front disc, rear drum.

The wheelbase of 2 800 mm, length x width x height: 4 921x1 812x1 422 mm. Modifications: ZMZ-40525, Chrysler 2.4L-DOHC.


Gasoline 4-cylinder inline fuel injected into the inlet pipe, four valves per cylinder, two upper camshaft with a chain drive, working volume 2 464 cm3, the degree of compression is 9.4, cylinder diameter/piston stroke 95, 5/86, 0 mm, capacity of 95, 5 kW (130 HP), maximum torque of 205 Nm at 4,000 rpm, the power of 38.7 kW/l (52, 7 h.p. /l).
Drive to the rear wheels, mechanical 5-speed gearbox. Ratios: I. 3,786, II. 2,188, III. 1,304, IV. 1, 0, V. 0,794, R. 3, 28, main transmission 3, 58.
Other characteristics
Track front/rear wheels 1 500/1 444 mm; unlade mass of 1 400 kg; total mass of 1 790 kg; maximum speed of 170 km/h, acceleration 0-100 km/h 12,9 with; fuel consumption in the city/highway 13,0/a 12.2 l/100 km fuel tank capacity 70 liter.

Chrysler 2.4L-DOHC

Gasoline 4-cylinder in-line, four-valve-per-cylinder, two upper camshaft with belt drive, working volume 2 429 cm3, the degree of compression of 9,47, cylinder diameter/piston stroke of 87.5/101,0 mm, capacity of 97 kW (132 HP), maximum torque of 210 Nm at 4,000 rpm, the capacity of 39.3 per kW/l (53,5 h.p./l).
Rear-wheel drive, manual 5-speed gearbox. Ratios: I. 3,786, II. 2,188, III. 1,304, IV. 1, 0, V. 0,794, R. 3, 28, main transmission 3, 58.
Other characteristics
Track front/rear wheels 1 500/1 444 mm; unlade mass of 1 400 kg; total mass of 1 790 kg; maximum speed of 178 km/h, acceleration 0-100 km/h 12,8; fuel consumption in the city/highway 12,8/a 11.2 l/100 km fuel tank capacity 70 liter. Spare parts gas can be purchased at the company "MILESTONE-NN". 

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