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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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The car GAZ-31029 «Volga»

Volga GAZ-31029 - Russian passenger car, produced serially since 1992 to 1997, the Gorky automobile plant. Further improvement of the model of GAS-24-10 using the body element of the model GAZ-3102.

A brief history
Development of a restyled model GAZ-31029 started on Gas even in the 1980s, as the second part of the program of modernization of the model GAZ-24. If the first part of the program with the modernization of units and units of «Volga» has been made yet on the model of GAS-24-10, the modernization of appearance (exterior) was postponed to a later date, when the complete unification with the «nomenclature» the «Volga» GAZ-3102/3101 was considered irrational. As a result of рестайлинговая model GAZ-31029 differs only external body parts (fenders, hood, radiator grille, подкапотный shield, bumpers, lighting equipment, original, and the hind wings, the panel door and the tailgate from 3102). Running in a series of «Volga 31029 in the spring of 1992, historically coincided with the collapse of the USSR and, so to say, «Marked» the beginning of activity of the GAS as an independent joint stock company. On the one hand, refreshed exterior attracted to the already fairly obsolete «Volga» additional buyers, and also allowed the enterprise to establish the current sale prices of the new models of «taking into account inflation expectations», that is, ahead of even actually the then hyperinflation. However, the need for the implementation of excessively produced medium-duty trucks GAZ-3307 иГАЗ-66 has led to the practice of imposing the dealers in «load» to each sold «Volga» one or two trucks. As a result the demand for the «Volga» in the first half of 1992, started to fall, as a result of which even the appearance of an «anti-crisis» truck GAZ-2304 «Burlak», shown at the first Moscow international motor show 1992, but never пошедшем in the series. As for Gas on time regrouped under the market realities and the vast reduction of medium tonnage vehicle switched to a forced issue of exactly cars «Volga», and the role of demand on the market LCV later played the family «Gazel» and «Sobol». At the same time in their design have found the widest application nodes and aggregates it is «Volga» GAZ-31029, which also determined the initial success of data of mass commercial models. In the early and mid-1990s model GAZ-31029 as usual acquired numerous Russian government agencies and departments. The prestigious status of the brand «Volga», the first freely available on the market, also supported the popularity of the model from private owners and commercial structures.
Since 1996 the GAZ-31029 for the first time in the family of the «Volga» in limited quantities began to establish a modern petrol engine ZMZ-4062.10 with four valves per cylinder and distributed fuel injection, неразрезной rear axle, front disc brakes on the license Lucas (unified with «a Gazelle»), and optional power steering and a five-stage gearbox. On the basis of this model even developed a certain stratum of the aftermarket, mainly Nizhniy Novgorod, firms («Techno service», «Celeste», etc.) engaged in the improvement of this model as its technical characteristics (from fine-tuning the chassis before you install import power units with injection engines of the type R6 and even V8 and automatic transmission), and increased its comfort (improvement of sound insulation, installation of various actuators and air-conditioning systems), as well as the improvement of the exterior.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions, mm - 4885x1800x1475
The body - sedan
Engine ZMZ-402.10 and ZMZ-4021.10, gasoline, carburetor, row
number of cylinders - 4
cubic capacity of 2.45 l
number of valves - 8
location - left
power, HP/kW - 100/73,5 at 4500 rpm (ZMZ-402.10); 90/66,2 at 4500 rpm (ZMZ - 4021.10)
Gearbox : mechanical four-stage, from 1996 - four - or five-speed
front - independent, spring
the rear axle, the longitudinal springs
the drive wheels, rear
Brake - hydraulic, with the hydro vacuum amplifier, the drum
Electrical Equipment - 12 In
Tire size - 205/70R14; 195/70R15 since 1996
Maximum speed, km/h - 150 (ZMZ-402.10); 145 (ZMZ-4021.10)

Project evaluation
A significant expansion of production directly affected the decline in the quality of the build compared with previous generations of «Volga» of the Soviet period, as well as morally outdated design in General (at the background of increasing influx into the country of the second-hand foreign cars of business class) provoked a loss of consumer confidence and falling of prestige of the brand. Particular criticism has caused the quality of the stamping of body panels, priming and painting, as well as the overall quality of components and Assembly. Nevertheless, at the expense of forcing the issue with the transition of the plant on the three - and четырехсменные daily schedules of work, annual volumes of production of the model proved to be the biggest in the history of Gas (over 115 thousand a year), and the model 31029 - the most mass-generation family of «Volga» (according to the data of «ASM-holding»). This model GAZ-31029 allowed to survive Gas in the most difficult for him historic moment, when the main products are среднетоннажники already not in demand, and the family of полуторок «Gazelle» is only prepared for serial production. In 1992-93 the medical version of the universal GAS-31023 could replace suddenly become заграничнымРАФ-2915. It is on this generation «Volga» has its maximum output in an ambulance vehicle.

GAS-31022 - 7-seater wagon with a 5-door body, produced in 1993-1998., the predecessor - GAS-24-12, the successor of the GAS-310221;
GAS-31023 - Car ambulance for one patient on a stretcher and a crew of two accompanying physicians (excluding the driver), which is made on the basis of universal
1993-1998.; the predecessor of GAS-24-13, the successor of the GAS-310223;
GAS-2304 «Burlak» - double delivery truck. Standard equipment is not produced. 

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